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Blister Beetle Bite. Living in an area where blister beetles are not uncommon – the central and eastern United States? You are possibly very close to the particular species of insects called blister beetles. Perhaps, you have had a close encounter with this striking insect before. Blister beetle infested hay that has been baled should be destroyed by burning or burial. Do not sell or feed blister beetle infested hay to any livestock. The New Mexico alfalfa hay market is at risk when blister beetle poisonings occur. Chemical Control Recommendations for Alfalfa Producers Limited insecticides screening has been done.

Blister beetles use an irritating chemical called cantharidin as a natural defense. In the wild, this chemical does little harm to potential blister beetle predators. When a bird or other animal interferes with a blister beetle, the bug’s joints exude cantharidin in an action called “reflex bleeding.”. ContentsCross blister beetlePest control servicesMike quinn highlightsRoaches apr 17Page.graph: arboreal beetleBeetles are a group of insects that form the order Coleoptera, in the superorder Endopterygota.Their front pair of wings are hardened into wing-cases, elytra, distinguishing them from most other insects.The Coleoptera, with about. They say that prevention is better than cure, and when it comes to the nasty chemical ‘bite’ of the blister beetle, it’s hard to disagree. Who wants to be burned by an insect’s chemicals if they can possibly avoid it? So the easiest way to treat blister beetle ‘bites’ may be to avoid getting them in the first place.

30/07/2008 · We have a terrible problem with blister beetles — the gray ones with white stripes. They destroy our garden. We would like to find a chemical-free control. Can you help? Blister beetles Epicauta vittata and other closely related species appear in swarms in. Control grasshoppers with chemical or cultural methods, and control grassy weeds preferred by grasshoppers. This can reduce the numbers of both grasshoppers and blister beetles in and around alfalfa fields. Several other products are being tested for blister beetle control in alfalfa.

Discusses blister beetle management in alfalfa and stresses the hazards of feeding blister beetle contaminated hay to livestock. Keywords arkansas,division,agriculture,blister,beetle,alfalfa,management,control,hay,cantharidin,livestock,horse,fsa7054. Blister Beetles and Alfalfa Phillip Mulder Area Extension Entomologist. The insecticide Sevin is registered for blister beetle control in alfalfa. beetle control in alfalfa, and it has a 7-day waiting period before harvest. In addition to these compounds, other chemicals have been used in controlling blister beetles in alfalfa. Adult beetles contain a toxin called cantharidin which can cause blistering on the skin. Adult blister beetles have prominent, broad heads, narrow necks, and vary from 12 to 28 mm in length. The margined blister beetle is black, gray, or a mixture of the two colors. Striped blister beetles are yellowish-orange with brown stripes. This is a female blister beetle Coleoptera: Meloidae in the genus Meloe. They sometimes are called oil beetles because of the oily fluid exuded from their leg joints when they are disturbed. This fluid contains a chemical cantharidin that can cause blisters on tender skin.

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